What does Roads has to offer you?

Individual supervision

Trajectcoaches working at Roads will support and advise you in the areas of personal development, work, education and vocational training. For example, together with a coach, we can organize a specific course of therapy, training, work or more support for you.

Social skills

We organize low key Walk-in hours at different locations, buddy projects and lunch or dinner meetings. You are welcome to join us at one of Roads’ walk-in locations for a cup of coffee and a chat, a collective breakfast, or other activities or trips. You can also sign-up for Roads’ buddy project, where you can do fun activities with a buddy, or you can come and cook dinner with small groups and a volunteer.

Learning skills

Training and Therapy
There is always more to learn! Roads offers different trainings, courses and therapies that can expand your skills. We have a broad variety of trainings and therapy in the areas of work, health or personal development like ergo therapy, psychomotoric therapy and creative therapy. We also offer special programmes that focus on a healthy lifestyle, mindfulness, job application and assertiveness training. Besides that we offer different language and computer courses.

Be active!

Work-focused vocational training and recovering through work. Would you like to develop, utilise yourself and increase your work experience but are you not ready for the pressure of a paying job? Then work-focused vocational training may be something for you. We support you during work without a salary ( you receive an expense allowance). You will gain work experience, knowledge in some locations we help people to receive an officially recognized certificate, for example cook.

Working in a commercial environment
Roads has a number of social firms that function as a normal commercial company and affiliate with official programmes. We own these firms for example in the food/hotel service industry, facility services, woodwork, printing and desktop publishing, administrative work, fashion, ICT, cleaning, transportation. Next to craftsmanship you also learn general skills that will enable you to work with colleagues. The workhours diverse from 4-20 hours a week. We try to focus on independency and specific needed training.

Looking for a paid job

When you are ready for a paid job, Roads offers a reintegration programme. You will be supervised in searching and applying for a job. If you already work but need extra attention or if you are returning to work or starting work, Roads offers extra support in with job coaching.

How to contact us

The Roads reception is open every workday from 9.00-17.00 at 020- 590 8590. You can also send an email to info@roads.nl